About us

Our MISSION is  to support, guide and inspire each patient to reverse, control or prevent nutrition related health problems.

We believe that certain medical conditions can be managed and/or reversed with proper nutrition. However, establishing proper nutrition often involves a change in lifestyle habits which is not always an easy overnight process. In addition, wellness information in the media can often be inaccurate and only mislead and confuse the consumer. That is why Nourish Me Nutrition Therapy is here to ensure your success.

We will support and gradually guide you towards a healthier lifestyle, dispelling nutrition myths about nutritionists (see tab “Who is an RD?”)and “diet doctors”, revealing the truth behind fad diets and introducing you to real healthy eating. Using latest scientific research, clinical expertise and specific counseling techniques, our medical nutrition therapist will help you to develop healthy lifestyle habits that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Nutrition Practice in Philadelphia

During individual counseling, we will create a nonjudgmental environment to create a positively channeled session and focus on your health problem and motivation. Motivation to make a change indicates your willingness and readiness for the change. Remember it is not about how good you are, but how bad you want it.

Management of medical conditions, weight loss, disease prevention, need for more energy and better performance, or simply eating healthier – Nourish Me Nutrition Therapy will provide practical advice on any of these issues, tailoring your program to your particular needs, and supporting and encouraging you to adopt new lifelong healthy behaviors.

Registered Dietitian in Philadelphia

We want to be the best dietitian practice Philadelphia could have. That is why we will also collaborate with your health care team in order to come up with the best customized health care plan necessary for your success.  We will help you to set up and achieve sustainable goals that fit into your busy lifestyle and match your individual needs.

At our nutrition practice, we will show you how to eat healthy without giving up your favorite food. You do not have to diet anymore and feel fear and guilt over food. Our registered dietitian/nutritionist in Philadelphia  will use behavioral modification techniques and teach you how to eat in a responsible and healthy way and incorporate moderate enjoyable exercise so that to promote smooth and enjoyable long-term lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of life.

Together we will set realistic goals, both short and long-term, and plan the ways to reach them. TOGETHER we will find the way to nourish your body and achieve optimal health.

Let’s make it happen. LET’S MAKE A CHANGE!