Eating Disorders

In general, an eating disorder is defined as an illness that involves disturbance of eating behavior, self-critical views about food and a distorted body image. It is usually expressed in either eating abnormally small amounts of food or in excessive and uncontrolled overeating. Such behavior disrupts everyday diet, impairs physical health and psychosocial functioning,  and usually coexists with depression and anxiety disorders.

There are 3 main categories of eating disorders which are characterized by the following  symptoms:

Anorexia nervosa

  • extreme thinness  and restricted eating;
  • obsessive fear of weight gain, pursuit of thinness and refusal to maintain healthy weight;
  • distorted body image, unrealistic perception of current body weight, and denial of the seriousness of low body weight;
  • absence of menstruation among females, bone loss, loss of skin integrity, etc.

Bulimia nervosa

  • frequent episodes of eating abnormally large amounts of food,
  • having no control over these episodes,
  • compensating overeating by purging (forced vomiting, use of laxatives/ diuretics, fasting, or excessive exercise.

Compulsive eating disorder / Binge-eating disorder

  • loss of control over eating,
  • absence of compensatory behavior (without episodes of purging),
  • usually being overweight or obese,
  • having feelings of guilt, shame, and distress about binge-eating.

Eating Disorder Treatment in Philadelphia

An eating disorder impacts all aspects of life of both men and women. However, many people do not realize that untreated eating disorders can become life-threatening due to substantial nutritional and physiological complications, and choose not to talk about this. Eating disorder is a serious medical condition that requires professional eating disorder help and treatment by a team of heath care practitioners: doctors, therapists, and registered eating disorder nutritionists.

 Source: National Institute of Mental Health available at

Eating Disorder Dietitian in Philadelphia

If you have an eating disorder, we encourage you to come out and reach for help. Let’s take control over your health and receive proper medical care. In our Philadelphia office, our eating disorder dietitian will work with you and your medical team to help you succeed and break free from self-destructing behavior. We will provide a supportive environment for you and work together on an individualized eating disorder treatment plan.

Let’s stop an eating disorder from controlling your life.
Let’s do it together. Let’s make a change!