Weight Management

Did you know that an individual with excessive weight is

  • at 70% higher risk of colon cancer;
  • 6 times more likely to develop a gallbladder disease or hypertension;
  • 3.8 times more likely to develop diabetes (88-97% of patients with Type II diabetes are obese)?
  • Being 10% overweight puts the patient at 30% chance of having a heart attack;
  • Every year at least 300,000 deaths are obesity-related which is 10 times more if compared to motor vehicle accidents *.

Healthy Weight Loss

Obesity is a multifactoral chronic disease that touches lives of at least a third of Americans today and imposes huge health risks due to multiple obesity-related comorbidities. There are at least 40 obesity caused health disorders such as anatomic complications, metabolic disorders, neoplastic complications, degenerative disorders, psychological implications, nutrient deficiencies that are positively correlated with increased morbidity and premature mortality.

The good news is that you can fight obesity as it is one of the most preventable and manageable diseases. The primary cause of excess weight is the imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Thus, by simply producing negative energy balance through behavioral modification of diet and exercise, patients can control and maintain their weight *.

Best Weight Loss Program

At Nourish Me Nutrition Therapy, for best weight loss results our registered weight loss dietitian will focus on three aspects:

1) diet to lose weight,
2) physical activity,
3) behavioral therapy

in order to decrease calories taken in and increase calories burned off. 

We know that there is no quick weight loss solution. Rather, weight control is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of willpower to finally make life turning decisions and to take care of your health. But do not be scared. Here, we will nourish, support , motivate and encourage you to go through such weight-loss journey together.

Weight Loss Dietitian in Philadelphia

Our registered weight management dietitian is a professional in the weight management and nutrition fields. She will make sure that your personalized program is targeted for a healthy weight loss, and is the best way for you to lose weight.  Together you will learn how to set realistic goals and achieve results that will bring you back to a lighter and healthier yourself.

Remember nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

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* Source: Research paper “Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: The Role of the Registered Dietitian in the Success of Weight Loss Surgery” by Natallia Hainutdzinava. Copy available upon request for additional cost.